Wednesday, March 1, 2017

✖ Privé Apparel ✖ ⚡️Trilateral⚡️ LS crew

⚡️#Trilateral ⚡️LS crew [front x side x back view] 
📷 x @cshot_foreverfly #ForeverFly in @priveapparel 

One of the most exciting ✖ Privé Apparel ✖ pieces F|W16-17. Order yours today.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

✖ Privé Apparel ✖ Hype Tings

✖ Privé Apparel ✖  Cut Crew >>

Hype Tings .. Everyting here hype.

                                                          LV Denim >> Need.

Supreme x LV Duffle.

I think we can all agree Supreme really solidified themselves w/ the LV collab. The were killing b4 but now they just adding bodies to their body count, goals. >>>

Murakami x LV duffle >>> Ferg was like iNeed this #ASAP >>> sauce.

Monday, February 27, 2017

✖ Privé Apparel ✖ 17 LKBK // @PriveApparel

✖️Privé Apparel ✖ F|W 16-17 #LKBK 🎥 Directed x Scored x @cshot

✖️Privé Apparel ✖ F|W 16-17 #LKBK 🎥

Directed x Scored x @cshot

✖ Privé Apparel ✖ collexion est. 2010 *ATL x MIA x LA x NY x LON x TOKYO* ...this LKBK showcases some of the various F|W 16-17 pieces we have launched such as the “Trilateral” series, #ForeverFlycollexion , “Shotta” vinyl snapback series, #BlncSurNoir#NoirSurBlnc#BlncSurBlnc collexion and "EST" X signature collexion. Lightweight breathable spring Hoodies, tanks,crews and v-neck shirts….plus so much more. We carry clothing pieces for both male x female as well as smaller sizes as well...lingerie for women such as our popular "Bang" collection as well as the "Shotta" " snapback hats that were featured in the LKBK as well. We are growing everyday but our clientele appreciates the quality of 100 % percent blended woven cotton, attention to detail and the fact that the packaging comes with a physical CD release from international Hip Hop Reggae hybrid artist CSHOT and a sticker as well (while our supplies last). Thank you to featured models:

Nhandi :


Dirty Dickens:


Designed x Directed by CSHOT

Our Motto "Never Blend in...Stand out... should resonate w/ the supporters of our clothing line...their spirt of exclusivity is part of the drive that pushes us to create unique apparel that not only looks dope but will stand the test of time throughout the ever changing fashion trend.


Scored by @cshot “Playa Shit" Produced x S.Combs & D.Dot . Recorded @ Trackhouse Studios ATL, GA by @ribahonthebeat off the “Masterpiece” mixtape avail via @cshot on bandcamp:

#SmokedOutSundays the Album via iTunes:
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✖️Privé Apparel ✖ F|W 17

✖️Privé Apparel ✖ F|W 17
📷 x @cshot_foreverfly 

#PriveApparel #cshot #fashion

✖️Privé Apparel ✖ F|W 17 #NoirSurNoir

✖️Privé Apparel ✖ F|W 17 #NoirSurNoir 📷 x @cshot
#ForeverFly in @priveapparel 

#PriveApparel #cshot #fashion #apparel

✖️Privé Apparel ✖ F|W 17 #Trilateral canary ⚡️⚡️

✖️Privé Apparel ✖ F|W 17 #Trilateral canary ⚡️⚡️ 
📷 x @cshot
#ForeverFly in @priveapparel 

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